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1. Arrive on time.

2. Break the ice.

   Intoduce yourself, your interview partner, and the parent/guardian/sibling who drove you to the interview.

   Thank the scientist for agreeing to the interview.

   Ask if you can take video, images, audio and take notes..

3. Start by asking the researcher to take a few minutes to describe their research.

4. Take notes, images, audio, video. Let them know you wold appreeciate any images they may have taken that he/she can

    share to publish with the article.

5. Ask for clarification about things you didn't understnd.

6. Work in the questions you prepared.

7. Ask new questions that come to mind.

8. Ask the scientist about their roots, where he/she is from.

9. Ask what motivated them to pursue the topic of their reseach?

10. Ask them if he/she has anything else to add, anything else a student should know about the research.

11. Thank them for the interview.

12. Let the researcher know he/she will have the opportunity to review the article before it is published

      and that you would appreciate their corrections.


Prepare to print

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